I'm verry new with FSX. Is it a nice game? Because I would like to buy it for my birthday, so I would like to kown if it is nice. And my other question is:what is "Shared skies" I really don't kwon what it is.


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Yeah its a good sim, but make sure you have a fairly decent spec PC to run it. Some areas in the Sim look graphically stunning and will really struggle on slower PCs

What spec are you running?


We just bought a new pc:

Imedia 7030 (PackardBell)
NVidia 7300 (521 mb)
300 GB
2.66 GHz (Dual Core)

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You'll be able to run it, but its likely that you would have to play the sim at reasonable graphic settings. High quality graphic settings struggle even on the highest of specs.

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The shared skies refers to the multiplayer aspect of the game.

You can fly around an airport with friends and complete strangers online.
As your mother is involved with what software you buy, I assume that your age is of such that it might be important for them to realise there is an online aspect to flightsim X.

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