No sound then crash

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rossi85 Trainee

Flight sim x seems to keep crashin every now and then but always loses the sound before the game crashes, then never recovers until i reboot the computer . Not even ctrl+alt+delete will help it recover .
Could some of you pro`s please tell me if this has happened to you and is there hopefully is a resolution

My system specs
2gig processor
1 gig ram
256mb geforce6200

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

Have you updated all of the drivers for your video/graphics/sound cards?

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rossi85 Trainee

yer i updated it but it still does the same . It has been fine for a while as i got it on the day it was released and have had no probs til this past week

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Tailhook Chief Captain

It's happened to me once, but I had all kinds of silly little programs running simultaneously which I normally don't do.

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rossi85 Trainee

I only have flight sim running and everything in my tray i always exit it .

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