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hello newbe here!
I am new at the FSX but totally enjoying it. I was disappointed when I purchased the FSX and not knowing about the Deluxe edition! There is NO upgrade from standard to deluxe!
I would of for sure purchased the Deluxe edition.
Question: Do you have to competely un-install the standard version before installing the deluxe one?
Thanks and always good landing

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Welcome to Fly Away 😀 👍

Well i don't know if you can upgrade or not but i would suggest to un-install it and make a clean Installation of D.L.Maybe its pointless but it wont effects anything.
This way you make safe that if a future add-on has problems its not FS faults.
If you have just upgrade or install on the Standard you will count this too between your troubleshooting thoughts...

Just my thoughts.

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I agree with GM, no point in having both installed at the same time.

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I went to this site and there is no upgrade from standard to deluxe

If I do get the Deluxe version I will un-install the standard.
I just though it is a shame that for a extra cost you can add the additional features, like the extra, airports and planes and the G1000.

Thanks for the replies!!!

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