NAV/GPS problem with Aerosim L-1011 & DC-10

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Help! But, please don't be too angry for me for asking what may be a dumb question...

Here goes:
On my Aerosim L-1011s and DC-10s, I no longer have the HSI (?) "line up" with the CRS when flying autopilot NAV (GPS). However ILS mode does result in "lining up" on the HSI.

Did I screw something up? I'm sure it worked originally, but no longer...

If I need to exlplain this better, just ask...

Thanks in advance!

OH! Another quickie: on my Aerosim DC-10, I added a FedEX teture and only on the particular aircraft (and no other of my DC-10s) I can only increase CRS in increments of 10. Hmmmm...?

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You might try temporatily takeing "FedX" back out and see if that does anything. Or try re-installing (after deleting/moving) the original files.
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