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I'm looking for a new joystick to play flight simulator 2004.

From what I hear, Logitech joysticks perform great for a good price. However, I also hear that there are problems with calibrating after a few months so they don't last long.

The saitek joysticks seem the best, but I don't know which one to choose.
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The microsoft joysticks are priced well, are stable, last long, but have bad throttles and triggers.

For something in between the 30-50 dollar price range, which joystick is best?

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i have a Interact RaiderPro Digital and is really good for fs2004 and also cheap!, i got mine on boxingday for 2 bucks 😂


I have a Saiteck X-45 and its awesome. it has two pieces: a throttle control and a joystick. at first, it is a little hard to figure out , but you get used to it very quickly. Also if you find yourself getting borde with Flight Simulator,you should get Flight Deck 4 add-on. you can launch from a catupult and recover on and aircraft carrier. You could probaly find a Saiteck X-45 for about $80, but its well worth it.

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I've got a Saitek X52 and it's the best joystick I've ever got! It comes with two parts, one is the joystick and then there is a throttle that comes with. There are 6 toggles, toggle A,B,C,D,E, there is also a led display which tells you your mode, toggle, what button you pressed, time and date and this really cool stopwatch on it which is good for timing things..duh.

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I have the saitek aviator and its been pretty good so far.

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I have a Logitech Attack 3 Joystick. I think it's mainly designed for fighter planes but it can also be used in other aircraft. Plus, its comfortable and this one works if someone's a right hand or left hand.

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How about a Top Gun Afterburner II Joystick. Comes highly recommended by Amazon buyers and has rudder on both the joystick and throttle which is a rocker switch. The throttle un-blolts from the joystick so you can have the throttle on the left and joystick on the right. I have just ordered one so now is the time for everyone to tell me what a bad choice i have made!! Crying or Very sad


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Can eanyone tell me where to find the company that sells the seat, cyclic, collective, and radio stack for the helicopter. I saw the website on fly sims site sometime ago but have been unable to locate it agan. Thanks Ron Fly (Oh by the way I own a Thrust Master After Burner joy stick and I can tell you it is great. The stick movements are very smooth and you can adjust the resistance to your choice, the throttle is a little sensitive when flying a heilo, takes getting use to. The rudder can be transfered from the joystick to the rocker on the throttle which ever you prefer. Since I primarily like rotery over fix wing I am looking for those controls, dont worry you will like the joy stick.)

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Welcome ronfly 🍻

Check this out:

They've got everything except the Huey I've been saving up for. Let us know what you're gonna get and how it works out 😎

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I posted an article here reviewing some great joysticks:

Feel free to comment on the article over there.

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