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Has anyone had problems getting onto multiplayer on and around 9th & 10th of November. Some people in FSX chat told me they kept getting disconnected from the server. I had the same problem now all of a sudden I cant connect at all. I get a message saying '' UNABLE TO CONNECT, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER '' It was working fine before then just stopped working. I still cant connect.

I can still connect to gamespy to have my password sent to my email and all internet connections are ok and firewall is not blocking it.

I have been right through troubleshooter on FSX and tried everything it says.

If anyone has had these problems aroung these dates, or if anyone knows if the server has been down, or if anyone knows any tips to over come this, please let me know because I'm getting closer to tearing my PC to bits !

Thanks, Boeing 1121 !

Vinny UK

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