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I just recieved my CH yoke and hooked it up. I cannot seem to find a view of which buttons control what. From a plug and play situation where I have not assigned anything, could someone tell me where I can see an actual yoke showing where the elevator trim, flaps, rudder trim are located? The trim bottons seem like they are doing nothing. Another freind told me to never touch the slotted wheel on the left dash. I thought that was the elevator trim? He said it scews up the calibration?? Thanks

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FS9 defaults were better for that controller. I had to manually set up the flaps, landing gear and trim buttons for FSX.
Goto the controler settings in FSX to assign the button functions for what you want.
As for the wheel on the left dash, the best that I determine that it is for is the neutral adjustment for the forward and back (elevator) controlā€¦If that makes senceā€¦
Great controler though.

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IWhen in the FSX controls settings it shows settings for keyboard-joystick-repeat. Does not show the yoke buttons at all. Know why? One other question if you would be so kind, what is null settings?

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