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The North American T-6G 'Texan' began service as an advanced trainer, and served with the USAAF, USN, and Royal Canadian Air Forces where it was known as the 'Harvard'. It was introduced in 1938, replacing the North American BC-1 (Basic Combat) trainer. Over 10,000 aircraft of various designations would be produced for the Air Force. At the end of World War II, the T-6 became the primary trainer for aviation students. During the Korean War, the aircraft saw service as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) craft, carrying smoke-rockets under the wing for marking targets for fighter-bombers. After the war, many of the aircraft were overhauled and modified to the T-6G configuration, which included updated avionics, and a new canopy which provided clearer visibility. The T-6 was finally phased out of USAF service in 1955. and at


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