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With exams just around the corner, I have spent my week nights studying hard, so come the weekend, I had to choose a special aircraft to forfill my simming addiction for the day.

I finally decided to download Rick Piper's HS.748 40mb pack (on my slow dial-up), along with the Mount Cook Airlines repaint, and took her for a spin from NZMC to NZMF- two very mountainous airports, with lots of great scenery around from my RBE 20m mesh and topo package.

Here are 12 screenshots I snapped along the way (1.71mb)

My conclusion? I love flying the classic 'liners- and/or anything made by Rick Piper. His stuff is payware quality. The model is excellent, with extremely accurate flight systems and dynamics. For a plane of her size, I managed to fly the HS.748 with ease (after about 1 hour's worth of reading and understanding the very detailed checklists first 😛), and pulled of a perfect landing on an airport with a notoriously tricky approach. The VC is stunning, the most realistic I have ever seen, and it isn't too hard on FPS either. But, my favourite thing about this aircraft has to be the included sound package. I think it was recorded on a real .748, but the fact that it is different from the stock fs9 aircraft makes a real difference, as well as making it fun to fly! Oh yeah- the NZ paint scheme rocks too 😀

Get it here:

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Comments to your other post. 😉

Punk Punk Punk Punk 😀

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Fantastic shots! Very professional job 👍

murjax Guest

Excellent job on the screenshots. 👍 👍 Group Wave Group Wave

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very cool, i'm one of the lucky ones who can say they have been there 🙂, we took a chopper from the Trout Farm on Lake Punakaki, an experience of a lifetime (although we are soon to apply to emigrate to NZ 🙂)

Nice shots 🙂 😛

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Absolutely stunning! What more can i say!

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