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Dear online flyers,
my name is Marco Fantino (BC303) and, further on virtual pilot as you, I'm an engineer.
Referring to this, I’m glad to contact you just because I'm working on a new innovative “home use” motion base for flight simulator so, considering our strong common passion, I thought that you can be interested in a innovative motion base design to complete our virtual flight sensation !

If you agree let me explain our design guideline to you.
Firstly our solution concerns a "starter motion base", 150Kg payload (so able to carry your cockpit , PC, screens, others) with 2 degrees of freedom (PITCH ±15° and ROLL ±30°), enough for essential flight sensation, quite cheap and small, in order to be easily reached by a large number of customers.
Secondary, if customer wants to implement it's starter-base, our motion base could be implemented from 3 up to all 6 degrees of freedom (adding HEAVE-YAW-SURGE-SWAY) buying simple parts to be added on motion base. Therefore there isn't obligation in upgrading: flyers are completely free to add movement preferred, simply one or more; as for cockpit instrument every flyer will be able to build his own motion base basing on his feeling!

This solution is fully different from products on market in which :
· entry level motion platform (roll+pitch or roll+pitch+heave) cost is quite high (about 8.000 / 8.500$) while 6 degrees are practically out from private use possibility
· any degrees freedom customization is possible on motion base
· it is compulsory changing completely simulation base if customer want to upgrade original degrees freedom

Referring to all this, I’d like to know your opinion about questions as follows :
1. Do you consider pitch & roll movements enough to have fun ?
2. What do you think about the third degree freedom as importance ? Heave, Yaw, others ?
3. What do you consider as reasonable price for a 2 degrees freedom starter motion base ?
4. Which could be the most important requirements of motion bases from your opinion?
5. What do you think about upgrade-ability of our motion base design guideline ?
6. What do you think about product as Darim, Inmotion and Servos?
7. Do you know others brand of motion base for home use ?

Finally saying thank you very much for you attention and your collaboration, please advices and send guidelines answers to or in this forum.
Waiting for your kind reply, I’m at your disposal for every questions.
Happy flight
Marco Fantino

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Any answer from 50 readers???

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In short, I saw where one site deleted your post, we have been kind enough to let you post your product without registering.
It seems like a nice idea, expensive but you get what you pay for.
By the way, you won't get too many responses when 3 of your 4 hyperlinks aren't working (It's called "gone to Atlanta").


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sorry nothing understoud!

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