Terminal Buildings do not show up

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Hi, the first time I installed Flight Simualator I was trying to find good configuration for my computer since it is very hard on resources. I tried it with medium-high graphics, loaded it up and the terminal buiding was there OK, but it was simply unplayable because of the lag. The game then crashed and I restart the game on medium to low graphics (which is suitable for my computer) and what used to be terminal buildings is now just empty ground. It looks silly all these planes parked around a patch of grass. I've tried reinstalling the game but the terminal building has never since come back.

Thanks for reading, Any help would greatly appricated

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Try to uninstall this way.


Alex The Guest Guest

You know, i've had this prob aswell, and i have most of my graphics on low to med-low, my computer simply can't handle it! Crying or Very sad But i think it DOES have something to do with the settings you set it to.

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