dumbest looking aircraft

Dumbest aircraft
 46%  [ 6 ]
Airbus A300 super transporter
 15%  [ 2 ]
AS Super Guppy
 30%  [ 4 ]
ATL-98 Carvair
 7%  [ 1 ]
VFW Fokker 614
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 13
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Solotwo Chief Captain

I wouldn't call any plane "dumb" looking. Its a plane, it can't be "dumb". Ugly? Yes. But calling planes "dumb" just seems a bit immature.

Those planes aren't exactly the most beautiful looking planes but when they can get any of those planes in the air they have my upmost respect.

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Jamie4590 Guest

Ugly Aircraft - Beluga

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hinch Chief Captain

dumb...stupid...shouldn't fly?

the fokker is cool!

the ugliest or most 'dumb' aircraft is the PZL-Mielec M-15 Belphegor

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Haha, calling it ugly would be a compliment!

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spitfiresrule First Officer

I find that plane looks pretty damn cool ❗

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brownbox Captain

the beluga is hideous... Fear (reminds me of a flying whale, quite a scary thought 😉 )

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Tailhook Chief Captain

"dumb" is a human characteristic.

How can an aircraft look dumb?? Whistle

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ARD-DC First Officer

Hey you never know....some people talk to flowers, others to trees, so why not to airplanes... Dont Know

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