Direct X 10 & Vista

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I was going to purchase a new PCI express video card, but I read that
the new direct x is coming out. There was a article claiming that you need a video card that uses direct x 10.
My question here is this,
Flight Sim X and directx 10? I also understand that Direct x 10 only
is designed for windows vista?
Hoping to clear it up?

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Direct 10 is not essential yet, but will eventually replace DX9 in the long future. Nvidias 8800 is the only present GFX card to be Direct 10 ready. Although these 8800 cards only serve as a DX9 boast atm because Direct X 10 is vista only. Vista will be able to run both DX9 and DX10, so such a card is not essential yet. Also its going to take sometime for Games supporting Direct 10 to become avaliable. However as far as I'm aware Flight Simulator does support Direct 10, so with Vista and DX10 hardware it could get alot better (hopefully).

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Let me try and shed some light on it for you.

Vista uses DX10. DX10 changes the way graphics are rendered. DX10 pushes rendering to the GPU (video card).

DX9 uses both CPU and GPU to render graphics.

DX10 however, is pointless unless you have a DX10 video card.

If you have Vista (DX10) but are using a DX9 card, you will get DX9 graphics as DX10 is backward compliant.

If you want DX10 graphics then a combination of Vista and a DX10 card are required.

So, if you are planning on getting Vista in the next few months then hold out for a DX10 card. They are available now but prices are £300 upwards.

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Thank you for the replys! I understand and that is why I really like to wait until I upgrade. I currently have a x800 ati card pci express.

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If I may, let me link you to some info that I read from the same link elsewhere, that what posted by the one and only RM.............

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