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Alright, Im here, I have brought a new computer (still waiting for it to come in the mail), and now I have a graphics card question

You see, with a dual core pentium D and 3GB of ram, the new computers going to fall behind with its video card. A geforce 7300 GS. Now what I need is a new video card I could get for it. My budget is- well there is no budget really, just keep it as cheap as you can. I sort of want "biggest bang for your bucks" kind of thing.

Now I was looking at the Geforce 7300 GT

It relitavely cheap, but its performance is 50-100% better than the GS.
Surprised Also, its meant to overclock real nice, which I might think about when I have some money and want some fun 😂

So what do you people think? Try keeping the price under 60 pounds

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Well, if you want the creme de la creme you can get the direct x10 compatible Nvidia GeForce 8800, The worls best at teh moments, but pricey, Costing 500-900$. Otherwise, I would targert a 7800 or 7900. I can sell you a 7900GT manila version 256mb for 200$.

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I used to have a 7300GT in SLi and I is a good card. I got some cracking results with FS9 and FSX. However, I could not run either on max settings.
7300GT has 8 pixel pipelines; 7900GTO has 24 pixel pipelines. Good fast cards are no good with only 8.
So, I opted for a single MSI 7900GTO 512mb which runs FS9 at full. I haven't finished mucking about with FSX to make a fair comparison but it is already better in terms of FPS.

The 7900GTO is basically a 7900GTX just slightly underclocked memory. The GTX has been considered one of the best cards you can buy. The GTO now retails at around £160 GBP.

So for the best value I would go with the 7900GTO.

But for future DX10 I would go with the best 8800 you could get as per hms_endeavour's suggestion.

Hope this helps.

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alright, so what youre saying is that I should save my money a little more and go for gold? Sounds like a plan... 🤔

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