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help something i think is wrong

djcevera20 Guest

ok got my fsx activated. updated my ram but something is up...
i have 1gb of ram intel pentium 4 nvidia 5200 32mb video card but when i open and try to run fsx and look at my task manager its using 100 percent of my cpu can anyone explain this. i really want to play this game and ive already spent close to $200 on upgrades. i ran 2004 with absolutey no problems on only 384mb ram

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

You are low in GFX's Ram...Thats why your system is pushed in order to run FSX.Try lower your Display settings in FSX and see if you have some kind of improvement.Definitely,disable Autogen Wink
Also if FSX wont start at all(i dont get it from your description...sorry Embarassed )Check if you have some other programs running on the background.They could spend valuable sources for your system.

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