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For those that have brought the PS3.

Also Sony has said "THAT IT WILL USE THE FULL SCOPE OF THE LAW" to stop people from importing the PS3 into the UK and other European country's.

If you do import the PS3 into those country's. Have fun try to play it. You will have to find a suitable power unit as the US & Japanese use a different power setting then the EU. Plus their set up to plat on NTSC formats and not PAL.

Japanese systems supporting a local version of the NTSC standard that is incompatible with the US NTSC and European Pal television standards

I'm sticking to the PC. As a new PS3 for the UK region is going to cost around £300-£400.

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This is the same sort of thing that has me contemptuous of DVD producers that limit their use to a specific country. If you legally purchase a product, where you use it should not be dictated by the manufacturer.

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