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I have just added Pro Pedals to my collection of making my flight simulator as realistic as possible.

Question I have is at what point after you have taken off should you not use the rudder of the plane, and when lining up with the runway to land, at what point can you start using the rudder to help maneuver the plane to line up?

Any tips on using rudder would be greatly appreciated.


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when can you not use rudder? if you don't use it you'll 'slip' which is what the slip indicator is for - keep the ball centred to turn on a nice clean axis.

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Thanks, Hinch. Appreciate it.

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also, when you're rolling out, you're gonna want to use it, but move it only slightly. moving it around too much can cause major problems. Just make sure that when you're lined up on the centerline, in the VC your right foot should be alligned with the centerline. Just a tip that I picked up from an actual pilot

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