Fly Away Simulation

50 States in 50 Flights! Leg 4 - Arizona>New Mexico

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For the first 3 legs, see:

Traffic out of Grand Canyon Airport:

Climbing over the East Rim

The View of the West Rim

San Francisco Peaks...aka SnowBowl

Couldn't pass this shot up!

Turning final for Albuequerqe


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Traffic at Albuequerqe

I'm certain that ATC said, "Cleared to take-off, Runway 8"...but the little ATC box never popped up, then I almost hit this 734! I didn't see anybody else taking off though...and I got in trouble for leaving...

Climbing out over the HUGE mountains East of the airport:

Coming into Oklahoma City...I almost landed at this's about 11 miles too soon, but the runways are pointing the right directions and there is a Left/Right, just like the INTL airport! I probably woulda lost my IFR rating for that!


Tomorrow, Dallas!

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Nice variety Thumbs Up!

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Some cool captures there. I like the wide range of angles you have used there Punk

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I like the angles that you took these shots at! very nice

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Thanks for the comments. Smile

Climbing out of Oklahoma City:

I just liked this angle. Smile

737 Over Texas

Coming in over Dallas Intl

Go Around at Dallas Love for lining up with the wrong runway!

After the go-around...with a bit of wind.

Flying around the World was more interesting...this is almost boring... Rolling Eyes
What do you guys think?

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pokey1694 wrote:

what airport r u gonna land at in chicago?

This is a state tour, not a city tour. I wonder if I should restart it and do state-capitols? That might be fun!

Anyways, I was planning on Springfield, I figure since Microsoft did such a good job on Chicago, Springfield must be the least visited in the whole sim world, so I'm going to make a stop off there and see how it looks.

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