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i have set my traffic to 100% but i only see about 3 planes at the airport and it is an big airport(KJFK) does any1 know how to increase it?

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Scenery has to be maxed out also.
Or you can buy the 2002 version of this.


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i have the freeware PAI, so if i downland a plane form Air France will the plane only show up at french and destation airports or will it be at every airport?

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I thought the traffic density had to do with the amount of ATC radio chatter you prefer. For example, if you set traffic to 100%, you will be hearing many other conversations with other aircraft. If you use a light setting, mostly the ATC will be calling only you. I prefer to do without the distraction which can get quite confusing if you are not alert and listening for only your call numbers.

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