How DO I record a video


I read on the learning center and its sayins In options click record video, etc etc but where do I finf the "Options" option??

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Hit 'Alt' and the menu bar will appear on top of your screen. Now you have the 'Options'.


Ok Ill try it right now,,thanks for the info tailhook

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You can try Fraps available at to record video if you have a good graphics card...

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mat3329 Trainee

If you also check at the controls for FSX you can find the shortcut keys so you dont have to hit Alt, go to options and record.

DavidRN Guest

When I get into options, it will not let me select record flight when I start it....WHY???

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Once in Options, you have to click on 'Flight Video'. Next you click on 'Record new Clip'.

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