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Which Military VA should i join??

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Hey guys i have flown over 200 hours for VA (not that much, i know) but have logged many a hour on FS. Anyway thats not my question, i currently fly for NMH helicopters, CPA virtual, and vFO. I am looking to add a military VA in which i would not be flying "jet-fighters" but military transport planes. For examle the 757 or 767. Anyway i have done some research but would like your guyes opinion 😀
Thanks in advance

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I hate to be the first one to stand up and say hey, I got what you need, but what the heck.
My VM has several branchs that would allow you to fly anything from T-38's to B-52 Bombers. Our Airforce branch has a airlift wing that flies C-130s and larger. So, if you want, here's an invation to come check us out at:
Virtual Defense Department

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