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ok, so im getting a new computer (coming in the mail right now, hopefully here tomorow), and its a dual core pentium D 3.0 with 3gb of ram. Quite a decent machine-except for one thing. The video card. Its a crappy 256MB asus geforce 7300gs. Now my question is, even though the video card is not as good as what I would like, would games still perform well because of the rest of the computer specs?

Also, I was looking at cheap video cards, and I found the Inno 3d geforce 7600GS-t. This is a factory overclocked version of the 7600gs with a beefed up cooler, capable of performing 40% better than the stock 7600, reaching speeds close to that of the 7600GT. Does anyone know if this is a good card, and if I should seriously think about upgrading to it once I get the money?


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please elaborate Hyepilot Cool

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You will be able to game with that 7300, but if like smooth fancy graphics on newer games then the 7300 will struggle. You'll more than likely be playing games on low-med settings to acheive playable frame rates. The CPU and Ram are important, but wont make much of a difference if the video card can't cut it.
The system spec you have there is decent because you have a good amount of ram and a good CPU. If your serious about gamming then a better graphics card is always recommended. The more you can afford the better because you'll be able to up the detail settings more and still achieve good frame rates. The 7600GS you quoted would be an improvement over the 7300. 7600GS is Nvidias Mid range offering and as that card is overclocked it should perform fairly well. Ofcourse something like a 7900GT would be better specially if you like higher resolutions and AA.

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thats cleared it up. Cheers

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I think what HyePilot meant was if it was onboard (part of the motherboard) graphics or a separate card. If it is onboard, you can always get a better card and disable the onboard one.

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