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how to install RAM

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i am looking to research how to upgrade my computer. i think, to make it run games such as fs better i will need more RAM (i have 256mb atm) and a new graphics card (64mb atm). So, my wuestion is: how do you install RAM on a computer. I think you need to take the back off and then just slot it in next to the exising RAM but i am not sure. Would a new CPU/ hardrve make it faster also?

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Hi lenin,

You are right. Installing RAM is as easy as you described. Just slot in the new RAM stick in a free space, preferably next to the existing one.

As to your CPU, you must make sure that your motherboard (MB) can facilitated a faster/better CPU. Simply ask your local computer shop once you obtain your MB details. Every MB has a maximum and it could be that the CPU on your MB is the highest already.

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lenin First Officer

cheers, do how much would you say is another 2 lots of 256mb RAM in pounds sterling?
is a faster cpu essential to a faster games?

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