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Welverin Guest

Okay, I did a UPS repaint of the default b747-400 and the text on the left side of the aircraft is a bit messed up:

and on the right side the text has the same problem as above but everything is reversed:

can someone help?


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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

I do not know what editor you are using or even if your editor has layer properties - your lefthand side print would appear to be blending with the underlying panel/doors/windows which are more or less the same colour - this effect leads me to believe you are not using a layer properties editor.
To get the right handside print to show properly you need to use your editors 'Flip Horizontal/Flip Vertically - Image /Layer/Selection' option whatever does the trick - it is a matter of trial and error - providing your editor has that capability. You gave only the briefest description which is not the best way to ask any question.

Welverin Guest

hey thanks, but when I flipped the text it was still backwards on the right side. Also, I tried editing the decal_b747_400 file and that was even worse...

I use Adobe Photoshop7.0 and the paint kit from simviation

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

This is the curse of the default a/c mirrored textures - for example if you paint something on the right wing of the a/c .. or is it the left - anyway the item is automaticall painted on the opposite wing in a mirrored form.
Rob Smith has modified a lot of the default textures - he calls them 'blanks' and are available for free download - thing is, I can't remember where. Try a Google to 'rob smith blanks'.

Dare I suggest that possible a better solution would be to look for another 747 - I would recommend the 747SP from Mike Stone's Hangar -

A selfinstaller and includes a base textures folder and are very easy to repaint. No need to sign in and completely free. These base textures are produced in white and are very easy to make transparent (except for the panel rivets/doors/etc. (something you address in another thread in this forum)
Hope this helps

Welverin Guest

I tried the 747 from stone's hangar, didn't like it, it seemed shorter than the default one. I do have their 757 which I like alot despite the missing wing views and VC...

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Possibly the 747SR is a shorter version -SR?????. Mike Stone doesn't do 'all singing - all dancing' aircraft, more's the pity - so sorry - cant help much more - I tried. Crying or Very sad

Welverin Guest

hey, s'okay!🙂 thanks for the help!

here's an idea.... I haven't tried it yet but is it possible to change the model file for the 747SR with the model from the default 747? just a thought.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Welverin wrote:

hey, s'okay!🙂 thanks for the help!

here's an idea.... I haven't tried it yet but is it possible to change the model file for the 747SR with the model from the default 747? just a thought.

Not under any circumstances. Especially with a default a/c - MS do some queer things in their mdl files the 'mirrored' textures are an example.

Welverin Guest

hehe, I see. guess I'll just have to deal with it or get off my lazy butt and play around some more 😀 thanks anyway for the help!

Welverin Guest


I got another wacky idea...

what about downloading a paint kit for it from like projectopensky.com or something and using those textures on the default(like I said, another wacky idea)


The 747SP is shorter in real life by 47 feet

That is why Mike Stones looks short...it is

Not to be confused with the SR which is a high capacity full sized short range 747

SP= Special Performance

SR=Short Range

You can't use a paint kit from one model on another

The textures are mapped to the particular model

The default aircraft are not good the repaint...there are far more better easier to paint free ones available as DaveC mentions.

The best start would be to take his advice and find another model

So why not download the Projectopensky and put it on the far better projectopensky model

Welverin Guest

I have downloaded the UPS 757 from Project Opensky and am impressed with it. A good plane for freeware. The only thing I really miss are the views that make it look like you are in the cockpit in the 2d panel view and the VC that the default and payware a/c have. But oh well, I'll deal 😂

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