I's Just Not Gonna' Work


Sorry, folks. I've spent *days* trying various hardware config stuff, trying to find *some* combination of settings that will get this turkey to fly.

It ain't happn'ing. No way to put a happy face on it, it just won't do anything, performance wise - and we're not talking about cheesy hardware - Intel Core 2 X6800 cpu, 2GB Ram, Nvidia 7950 GX2 video, the works. NADA.

It's gonna' take a major remake on MS's part to get this bogus app to do very much, IMO.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Something is wrong. Although many people are have some problems, some are flying acceptably with less computer horsepower than you. I don't have FSX but my guess is that something is interfering with your computers operation other than FSX.

lemonwonder Guest

Yeah, from what I've read in the last few days (LOADS OF STUFF) it seems like its the advanced setup on your computer, and basically it is good for some and bad for others... cant really do much

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