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lemonwonder Guest

Hey everyone!

Me and about 4 friends are making a flight simulator virtual airline. I am going to need a few paint jobs done.

We currently will be using these aircraft:

-Boeing 747
-Boeing 737
-Air Creation SL450 Ultralight
-Bombarder Learjet 45
-The float plane

The layout of these, very simple. The ones that will have logo's.... just a gold brick or something.

We also have many pilot positions availible, and management positions which will not be so easy to obtain, although Hub managers are required.

Golden airlines does the following:

-Private jetting
-And wind surfing.

We are expecting our website to be up within a month, we will be largely based on a forum though. The forum should be up very soon.

Well, I hope someone can help.... we are looking foward to being a Virtual Airline 🙂

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lemonwonder Guest

BTW: Maybe silver, white, black and gold for possible colours for use on paints?

Pro Member Captain
Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

I assume that the repaints are for FSX - with the aircraft you list - this is quite a big ask. In my experience most new VA's last about 2 months on average, especially the ones. It would be better if you got the VA off the ground first (own site, own forum) and then make your request. At the moment you are asking someone to make a commitment to do a great deal of work on spec. As you are not a member of this site and cannot use the site PM facility your first priority should be a private line of communication - your own site/forum???

lemonwonder Guest

The site is being built now, but ill just design them with my lil experience lol. 😛

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