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Jetways command and example please

gazpode Guest

Can somebody show me a jetway attached to thier plane...and then explain to me how they got it working. I know the command is there but each time I press it, nothing happens...

OR, is there a graphic setting I need to enable to display the animation or something?? 🙄

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its kinda slow and you must be parked correctly

lemonwonder Guest

A screenie? I wana see too. I shud get vid card today, if i do ill post a pic.. but i dunno whether i will

mundie99 Guest

Thanks I was wondering how to do that also but do u know how to make the baggage cars come out to your airplane? can you even do that?[u[/u]

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Murfi First Officer

You don't have to be parked correctly, I heard sombody on here was in a big jet and parked at a little jetway with no brakes on and he wasn't parked correctly, but they still connected.

In settings make sure your advanced animations are switched on, it's in the section where the video car and framerates settings are. Also, if it's on they don't always work, you need a good video card.

saint4 Guest

In one of my posts i posted this screenshot of the jetway attached and also below is the pics with the buggage tracks aswel.

If you had scrolled down a bit you would have seen them 'Just some Buggage'

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You may find this tutorial from our knowledge section helpful:

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