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Looking to join a flight group?


Are you looking to join a flight group? Are you looking for a Flight Server to host your sessions? Are you looking to make friends with other individuals that share your interest in flying commercial, passenger and military aircraft? Are you looking to help, or learn from others in the quest to become better virtual pilots??

Well, if you said YES to 3 of the questions just asked, then maybe the 437th Virtual Airlift Command is the place for you. There are many openings for regular pilots, ATC if that is your thing, instructors, or possibly other things like developer.

Just check out our website below and if you have any questions, please feel free to send in your questions. The owner of the server will answer you in less than 3 days himself!! 437th Virtual Airlift Command

Thank you
Commander and Chief Dirtybird
437th Virtual Airlift Command Owner and CEO

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