why am i always on a remote stand and not at a gate/jetty?

andymil Guest

hi guys

every airport i try to get on a gate with a jetty to the terminal i end up been on a remote stand all by myself. I have selected starting position: ramp heavy, gate heavy and i still end up on a remote stand with no buildings round me.

can anyone help?



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RadarMan Chief Captain

Post a screenshot so we know exactly what you mean.


Alex The Guest Guest

Do you mean that there are no buildings at all, or there are but you're just no-where near them. I have my settings on low/minimal, therefore i sacrifice my terminal buildings/airwalks/everything in the airport apart from the ATC tower

lemonwonder Guest

Lol I could neva do that, when I get new vid card... and play.... even if ride is slow i have the terminal on

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Murfi First Officer

I thought that not so long ago but I think you need to select a gate that has a 'g', such as Gate G 123. That's what I think though.

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