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I need some guidence !

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Hey guys, i bought a new video card as i told u before. The video card is GeForce 7600 but i cant instal it becasuse my motherbored is not DDR or DDR2, and the thing is i have to buy a new motherbored, then they told me to buy new RAM and new proccesor. Is that right?, cuz that gonna get me some alot of money there. I was talking with the tiger direct guys. plz help maby they are saying something wrong and i dont really need to buy everything?

PLZ Comment !, you tiger.

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I don't know, but that doesn't sound exactly right. Maybe you need a new motherboard because your new card is PCI-E, and the mobo doesn't have that kind of slot?

If the card doesn't fit your mobo and you can't afford to replace it, why not sell that card and buy one that DOES fit?


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Ed's right (as usual).

You bought a PCIe card if your board supports AGP you should have that.

Can you return the card, get a top AGP card and some money back.
If not the guy at tiger is correct.


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yea, well thx guys. i am gonna think about yesterday i was looking for my hole sstem that i will know what i really need build for. Anyway, i wanted to share with you seomthing that really upsets me. Last week i about the delux version o f FSX and its working its just not working fast and smooth and the textures stucking abit, for me is jsut the same as i had my 256 mb RAM computer with 1.2 GHZ 2 years ago with the FS9. Buy i guess i need even more to upgrade my PC. Thank you guys u really helped !

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It might be worth buying a new motherboard though, to keep yourself up with technology.

Can get one with PCI-e for as little as 35. What proccessor have you got? Do you know what socket it is?

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