I have d/loaded an RSDG Lancair, and wont work at all in FSX

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I downloaded the Lancair unzipped, and copyed the 'plane' file to simobjects as directed, but not sure on procedure to get it to open... Do you open the FSX and the Lancair is supposed to be in the mission column?? All the files seem to be correct in the plane folder, just for what ever reason, will not open on windows xp. By the way, I am running an AMD 3300+, with 1024 ram on a new computor if that has any bearing on this.... all help greatly appreciated. 🙄

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Follow this link but now you have to put it into simobjects like you said, they hid the folder in FSX.
After that it should show up in the aircraft menu, not in missions.
It may not have a jpeg (picture) of the aircraft.


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DON'T BOTHER! Evil or Very Mad
It flies like a lead brick balanced on top of a flagpole in a high wind.
And if you try to land it it will puncture the runway.

Doubt this? Look at the fuel and payload. The real Legacy weighs 2,200 pounds. RSDG's Legacy weighs 19,500 pounds!

Respectfully, Pete

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That's a lot of drag - even with "crash" set to ignore...

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