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looking for a virtual airline that fits me

chachaya Guest

i have FSX just to start. at first i thought there would be stuff where i could fly a commercial flight from airport to airport. then there were only missions. in the fsinder booklet thing it said something about virtual airlines.

i've been looking and i found a few that you needed to pay for and u need to play certain amount of time a week. thats not wat im looking for. im looking for a free (or really low cost) downloadable airline that i can just fly around. like i would be a pilot and fly the flights around the world.

if any1 knows a link to what im looking for, that would be HIGHLY appreciatted.

lemonwonder Guest

Maybe this would be better in the hmm... I dunno.... THE VIRTUAL AIRLINES FORUM? Razz

Think about where you post b4 u post

Pro Member Trainee
Buttons11 Trainee

Well, I'm sure that there are plenty of Virtual Airlines and Virtual Militaries that would like to contact you, but as a guest you should leave a way for us (Virtual Airline/Virtual Military Managers) to contact you.

Brett Buchanan

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