FS-X crashing


Apologies if this issue has already been discussed here, but searching hasn't produced much in the way of help so here's my issue:

Very frequently, FS-X terminates when 99% loading is complete (just after loading air and see traffic, I believe). The usual "Send error report to Microsoft" dialogue box appears then it's back to the desktop. This annoyance will continue until I reboot Windows XP, where it will load a few missions fine (no performance problems, by the way) but then it'll re-occur and I'll have to reboot again. Everything on install went fine.

On one occasion, another dialogue box appeared with a memory address code informing me that the memory could not be read - I'm unsure if this is related or not and I have since tested the memory modules in my machine -- all okay here. Anyone else experiencing this issue, or can someone offer a suggestion?


AMD Athlon 64 4000+
1.5GB DDR400 RAM
Gainward GeForce 7600GT
Windows XP SP2

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Greg West (BashDaBish) First Officer

I would suggest to run a disk check, defragment and then ensure you have enough free space to run FSX. FSX likes a fair few gig of space to expand into.

lemonwonder Guest

Ok, download this file:

(dead link removed)

You then start up FSX with that. Not sure who told me about it. Basically, FSX has high priority


Thanks for the replies you two.

The batch file above has cured the problem! Anyone else experiencing crashes should try FS-X in this (High) mode. Any other crashes, well, that's probably down to your flying.


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