ILS...what did I do wrong?

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Having read some of the ILS posts, i decided to give it a go myself. Im flying in a dehavilland twin otter, I have found it a great intro to more complex aircraft than the singles and light twins I am used to.
I was flying an approach onto runway 5 of some random airport in havannah, i was cleared to land. I looked on the map and found 116.80, which went into the nav1 fine. i put autopilot and nav hold on, switched from gps to nav, but the nav just kept me in a straight line, not guide me down the green feathers like its ment to. i found myself flying a few hundred metres to the side of the runway. I attempted to come in from the side, failed and crashed just to the right of the runway. Lukily I had forgotten to turn the tracker on, else i would have had to pay huge fees to repair my aircraft.
Could it be something to do with me trying to do something clever with my gps? I set it up for a ILS, and something weird, and the GPS screen no longer showed the green feathers, it showed some lines and a loop round the airport. I think i just messed around with it needlesley
What I would like to know is what did I do wrong or miss out?
All help much appreciated.

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thanks, the languadge on the second link is a bit over my head but I am slowly making sense of it

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116.80 doesn't sound like a frequency assigned to ILS. Double check and make sure you didn't enter a VOR frequency?

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yeh i think that was my problem. I didnt doube click on the airport in the map, I just looked at it and saw a random number that sounded like it would fit into nav1. Also i should have had appr hold not nav. I think I have answered myself with help from the links. Thanks all.

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i did a year long report on the ILS in 6th grade...and (after a few months) i finally did a nice ILS approach. it takes some work to get it down pat...but it comes eventually. good to hear youve got the ILS working now! 😉

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116.80 will be a VOR frequency.

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