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instrument panel in harrier

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I can't get the instrument panel up in the Harrier download. Problem seems to be there is no final Guages folder in the Microsoft games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Guages\Guages path i.e. the last folder doesn't exist. I have tried creating one then putting the hja_jet and autosmoke folders in it, to no avail. any suggestions?

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Make sure you follow the read me text to the letter. The download worked for me.

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I have done it and redone it. there is no final folder called Guages in the Gauges file for me to copy the Xmail folders into! I may be stupid, but I have followed the installation proceedure exactly, with the xception that the Xmail folders reside in the first Guages folder. I have the aircraft working and operational I just cant get the instrument panel to render.

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The file is a dud. It is not fully compatible with FSX, I wouldn't waste my time with it.

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