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Hi all!

I have FS2002 so i am going to upgrade to FSX but i have a few questions on it that i really need answering, I have a Dell XPS laptop bought recently with windows XP so it should be able to handle alot but I, always been a fan of Multi-moniter and i have 2 hooked up i was going to buy a Matrox Triple head2go and then have 4 Moniters hooked up in total, I have a Nvidia Ti 7900 i think, so i think it should be able to handle what FSX throws at it, Shouldnt it????

Also what is (Apart from aircraft) the difference beetween the Deluxe and standard edition of Flight sim? there was something about 2 players in multiplayer being able to fly the same aircraft? in the cockpit togther? Can someone explain this to me a little better?

Thanks Very much for takeing the time to read

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You have more missions in deluxe
You can be ATC is multipkayer
You can share aircraft in multiplayer
I think there are a few more things but I canĀ“t think of them right now

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there are more detailled cities i think

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Each monitor will take "power" from your video card.
Laptops are not gaming machines.


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