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My First Canada Air Flight

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Thought i'd post pics of my first Canada Air Flight if the pics don't work i will post my slideshow of the pics too Here you go...

Slowshow URL

That 717 is a nice Stable Plane..............Anybody know where i can get an American Airlinces paint job for a 717 or a MD-80? Im From Dallas and i gotta Represent my hometown Airline lol Very Happy [/img]

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I cant help you on the paint job Embarassed -but I'm sure someone will-...
I only can say that it is going to be a nice slide show from what i have seen here.Keep it up Wink

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American doesn't use 717's, nor does Air Canada Jazz. The only airlines in the US that use them are my home town Midwest Airlines, AirTran Airways, and Hawaiian Airlines. I use the Flight 1 Super 80 for American Airlines, which you can find at As for freeware, check out

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Nicely composed shots there Thumbs Up!

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As Solotwo pointed out, American doesn't use 717's - but our faculty of phantasy should never be underestimated.
So here are some AA textures for the 717 :

Note: In both cases you'll be needing the base models. If you have trouble finding the SGA one, try, I have a hunch they still host them.

Regarding the Jet City Aircraft base model it's more a case of pot luck. I know they're still around, but I just can't find them at the moment.


NOTE: The second one from the bottom is actually a package so you won't have to hunt around for different parts, what's more, you can choose between a 'Lite Version' and a 'Complete Package'.

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Why didn't they keep the 717???? I love these little regional jets there awesome!! im addicted to the 717 now lol.......Flew it O'hare to Winnepeg then Calgary to Denver ......did Winnepeg to Calgary in my F-14 Tomcat....

That Canadian Jazz 717 dont have any landing lights which is a bummer but its an awesome plane........

Thx for those Textures and mods........Wanna use AA for my flight from Denver to Dallas tomorrow......Gotta Delta Connections jet but Delta is mean to there pilots.... Laughing ........THey make'em do double shifts where they sleep in there jets....There is a name for that but can't think of it

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American never used the 717's.

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