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To be honest, I've not really read any of the topics in the FSX forums, mostly because, there's only one and the same answer to most of the questions. Why can't I run FSX ? FSX is/is'nt doing this/that/and the other 🙄 , and as most of us know, we just hav'nt yet got the set up it takes to run FSX the way it should be run. So................ if you dont get the answer you want, regarding why FSX struggles on your machine, then read the following and look at the results. Look at the spec of the 2 machines............

Alienware Area-51 ALX

Gamer Infinity SLI KO,1697,2059177,00.asp

and then take a look at the results and performance after running.........

Yes people, FSX.

And please try to remember, these are top end pricey machines, without the price tag of Vista or DX10.,1697,2059176,00.asp

And now ask yourself, do I still need a new machine/upgrade 🙄

Hope this helps.

Just to add........... I believe CG has the correct solution. Yes

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Thank you!

I bought this, with 4 gigs of ram. I have a 24" LCD monitor.
New drivers will make the difference huh!

Red also.,1697,2058467,00.asp


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Very useful infos. ❗

Thanks Wing-Man 👍

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Very interesting, thanks. 👍

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