Is it just me or are we being XXXXXXX by Microsofties

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Sure sure we've heard all the crap about FSX performance.
Some folks with a large bank account would also say: "Upgrade your system if you wanna play this sim n00b!!"

But for the normal guy like you and me it aint that simple. Microsoft Censored us over in a huge way with their lame minimun specs. C'mon it's just a economic game. As the biggest software house you can just make everbody buy a new system and fill your pockets even more...

Their was a time when I respected MS for the best flight sim.
But now with their latest Censored program, they really confirmed my ideas. It's all about making people buying new stuff. "As real as it gets" ?? Yeah with the money needed to play this sim you might as well get a plane of your own!!

@ Bill Gates: I hope you burn and burn gooood.

And don't go Censored at me for having to upgrade my system. The box showed I would be able to play it, so Censored on Microsoft!

Censored By Radar

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Fine, think whatever you want. If you don't want to upgrade hardware, that's fine too.

As for the specs, they are for a system that is running nothing but FSX.

By the time you add your antivirus, antispyware, personal firewall, all the applications that partially load themselves so they can appear to start quickly and all the applications that have an app resident to see if a new version is available, all bets are off. MS is not responsible for the mound of crap that is running on most systems.

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I am going to add something to what I've said. For the past few years, hardware has gotten ahead of most software. FSX has clearly changed that. The following was posted by Greekman72 in the FSX Screen Shot forum. He has posted his computer specs and it is a better than average machine. There are no scenery addons in the picture below. It is stock FSX. This is what you get with a reasonably capable machine. With a less capable computer you have two choiced.

1. Accept lesser graphics with lesser machines.
2. Upgrade your equioment to get top notch results.
3. Don't buy FSX.

But, whatever you do, please stop this incessant whining and moaning.

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Well said mate

If half the people that post here had their way, we'd still be playing the original fs in a monochrome display on our 386 25mhz pc's

Good for Microsoft in my opinion for making a game that is still going to be cutting edge in a few years.

I mean for fuxake, it was designed for Vista and DX10 which we haven't seen it running on yet

Oh hang on Vista, that's just another evil explotation attempt by Microsoft isn't it 🙄

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LOL!!! 😂

Yep, how dare they release anything that won't run on a 4.77 MHz 8088, 🙄

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It annoys me when people complain about this when most of them know you need good computer. Mine is fine with FSX, and Iknew that a good computer was needed. I do my research with games before I buy them. Most people should to, this software seems advanced now and that it's impossible to buy computer to work them wich it'snot and you don't need an expensive computer to run it.

A FSX screenshot with 128 RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphics card:


I don´t think they are pretty good for a 5200, I´m upgrading soon anyway.

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FSX is a huge step forward in real world simulations, sure MS may have been a little thoughless in the minimum specs, but that doesn't make FSX a pile of trash.

Just stop and think for a change about what FSX really is, it is simulator that simulates real world weather, physics and the whole of planet earth's terrain/sea's.........don't you think you should be thanking MS for allowing you to experience this simulation !! 🙂

On the other hand if you are used to just playing 'chicken pen' paintball shooters on your PC at 100+ FPS then stick with them.....don't complain here about games for intellectuals.

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I simply will restate what I said earlier!

FSX may very well be just the neatest thing since sliced bread.

But far too many of you simply overlook the facts.
In order for you to get ALL the really swell things out of FSX you will (AT SOME POINT) need a brand new system, with top of the line graphics cards, ultra fast ram, gads of memory, and allthe bells and whisltes.

You will need a Windows Vista machine, and Direct X 10 (which isnt even available yet)

So Indded, FSX should have been HELD back from release till maybe the 4th of July--however Micropuke wanted to get the XMAS cashflow-so its out, full of bugs, and lacking some of the neat things that FS9 has.

It is a lesser product in many ways than FS9, but a better one in other ways.

Personally, I am just not wild about some of what was done, lack of raindrops, not a lot different flight characteristics, less A/C, and they can keep the damned animals that are supposed to be seen running aroud.

In light of the FACT that you will need a new computer and some operationg items, that are not even available--it is nothing but a money grab from microsoft. and from a marketing point, it was well planned, after all, now everyone is ghoing to rush out and buy VISTA, so its a double grand slam (if there can be such a thing)

I once bought the game LOCK ON:Modern Air Combat, the game had (and still has flaws) but overall-the game is absolutly excellent and beautiful to look at while playing.HOWEVER-I needed to buy a faster computer to run it--in fact I got THE top of the line for the time, and then and only then did it run as advertised!

All this minimum spec Censored is just that- Censored to get you t run out and buy it. Sure it wull "RUN" but so badly its unplayable. But its an advertising gimmick of sorts-sure its TRUE, but it also is a lie!

For me, Its going to be FS9 for a t least the next 2-3 years--I have far to much time, and addons to start screwwing around with FSX which will not run well on my system, even though EVERYTHING I now have does run well.

So when I finally go out and buy the newest top of the line computer with all the top end goodies, well, then I will buy the FSX, or what ever Microsoft has put out, I am betting there will be a new Flight sim soon enough, as I siad before, I really think FSX it the new version of FS2000!

Censored By Radar

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Everyone wants a better simulation but thinks that some how it should require the same computing power that FS2000 used.

Where has the common sense gone?

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This is a bit boring now. My fsx works fine on my system and thats before vista and direct x 10. Look at it this way. Would you be able to play call of duty on a p.c from 1998-2000. I don't think so. Its just the same thing with fsx. On a ending note noboby wants to live in the past. 😉

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I have:

2.4GHZ Celeron processor
512MB Ram
GeforceFX 5200 128MB PCI

The game runs perfectly fine, I dont see where you can claim the game runs slow...

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smtp wrote:

I have:

2.4GHZ Celeron processor
512MB Ram
GeforceFX 5200 128MB PCI

The game runs perfectly fine, I dont see where you can claim the game runs slow...

Let's be honest. You have your autogen and traffic turned off, don't you?
With that setup, Your settings can't be too high.

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