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Engine Shutdown!!!

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Hello Everybody, I'm not new to Fly Away, been a member for a couple of years now. However this is first time i've posted in the forum!!
When i'm playing, I like to start from scratch i.e. all systems shut down!!
Has anybody noticed the program error regarding Engine Shutdowns??
In FS9 when engines were shut down, there is no movement of the Engine Fans and no Engine Sound!!
However in FSX , shut the Engines Down, there is still Engine Rotation and Engine Sound!!! I think this is a bit of a stupid mistake on behalf of MS especially when they took so long to develop this new version!!!!!
What do you think???

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You are right i have notice this also on the jets. There are numbers of bugs on the jet aircraft like the crossfeed valve of the 737 in the 2d panel moves in the oppersite direction to the one in VC panel. I also think this valve does not work any way as the engines take fuel from all 3 tanks which ever postion the cross feed valve is in. The light switches are also the same.

I think microsoft spend more time on the light aircraft then on the jets

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I don't think it's a bug. When ever I board a plane the engines are always off but there is still a noise. I forget what it is, but I know I hear a noise. Especially when we haven't got a jetway to use.

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That will be the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), Its a generator that gives power to all the onboard systems, lighting and air con when the main engines are off.

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