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Hard landing...

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Don't know if this one has been posted before but here goes:

Look how it bends 😳

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I've seen that before - not the softest of landings Umm...

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holy shi*, that's insane.


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😳 😳 😳

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Holer, that's a crazy landing, not only the tail section ripped off the plane but the whole plane bent. That plane must've been scrapped man, all the stuff that probably cracked and broke on that impact other than the tail.

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I remember reading about this, and apparently it was a test to see how a landing would go with a high rate of desent. Also, someone said (I'm unsure if he was joking), that the pilots carried on taxing the plane because they didn't know what had happened. 😳

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No this is what really happened.

2 May 1980. The prototype Super 80 was involved in a heavy landing at Edwards Air Force Base, California, while taking part in a new FAA test (landing over 50ft obstacle). There were no casualties among the 7 crew members onboard and the aircraft was repairable. However, the aircraft was withdrawn from further testing and put in long-term storage at Grayson County Airport, Texas. The prototype Super 80 flew a total of 3,065 hours and made 6,558 landings.

Accident report...

Alex The Great Guest

Check this reconstruction out, it's of the JAL 123 flight in '85 (it's not the reconstruction from Air Crash Investigation, it's a Flight Sim one)
It's really good, did you know that JAL123 was the worst single aircraft crash in the worlds history! 520 people dead, 4 people survived because they were seated in the rear section of the plane and the impact force was reduced substantially. Many people survived the accident but because rescuers took all night to get to the site, many people died of hypothermia. This aircraft had been involved in an accident 7 years earlier at Itami Airport while taking off, a tailstrike incident was recorded.

There is an Air Crash Investigation episode dedicated to this incident, with a bit of searching on YouTube or LimeWire i'm sure you'll find it.

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