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EuroHarmony KATL HUB - Recruiting Pilots

EuroHarmony VA Guest

EuroHarmony, a fantastic VA with over 150 active pilots.
We have just expanded into America, and we have selected KATL as our HUB. We are looking for pilots to fly from this HUB on our American Routes.

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pilatflyr First Officer

I would join, but I'm helping a friend out with his new one. Great website though!

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Murfi First Officer

I checked out the site and it's great! I wanted a VA to join, I only got FSX though. Sold FS9.

Pro Member Trainee
DELETED1 Trainee

Looks excellent. Best of luck to you!

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AO001 Trainee

Nice livery! Best of luck to you and your crews EuroHarmony!

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