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Hello Everyone,

Did Trans World Virtual Airlines go out of bussiness. I was looking for thier site the other day and noticed that no longer worked. Thanks for the help.

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I'm not really sure. I haven't really heard of them

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One was bought out by a Virtual America West VA awhile ago, then I think they were taken over by USVA (

I was an exec at this one, but there was a second variation and a throw-back going at one time...but I haven't seen them around in awhile...I miss seeing TWA around, even if a VA, my Grandfather flew Strats, Connies, 880's and 707's for them and my Dad retired from TWA just after the AA I grew up around the airline.

I did have a friend who was looking into reviving TWA in the VA sense, but I think the recent decline in VA interest (pre-FSX) stalled that.


I just wanted to see if anyone had still seen them, I knew they had gone out of bussiness, I use to be Director of Human Resorces for them. Wanted to see if they had come back. Guess not.

Thanks for the input,


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If I hear or see anything, I'll leave a post...



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They are re-organizing. Had some server issues. See

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For those looking for a TWA VA.
This VA was set up by former TWA employees for aviation enthusiasts and flight simmers in general who are interested in learning about TWA, flying the TWA aircraft/routes and flying the TWA way.

Our goal is to allow you to take a journey through the years of one of the finest airline ever flown. You will be able to fly piston engine flights from 1925 (including mail routes) up through the last Connie flight in 1967. Fly the jets from the 50's up to the last day of operation. We offer every type of aircraft TWA operated from 1925 - 2001. And all flights are from actual TWA timetables.

Plus we have TWA Get Away Vacation flights and special bonus "Destination of the Month" charter flights.

"Today's TWA, find out how good we really are".

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