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Could someone advise me where I download the Panels & Guages for A7E Corsair II , downloaded the A/C yesterday but found to be unusable due to the absence of the guages. Would really appreciate some assistance on this one. Thanks

Tom McManus 😂

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From our site, right?

VOUGHT A-7E Corsair II
"Short Little Ugly Fella(SLUF)".
This was an attack aircraft with an extremely excellent navigation ability and an accurate arms launching ability contrary to the nickname.
This ability have only of present Panabia Tornado.
This had a big installing ability and mobility at low speed though this was not a supersonic speed and not beautiful.
E-Type is production types for United States Navy , and a lot of produced airframes (535 airframe).
This file modeled the 301st airplane of the VA-22 force having been installed by U.S.S. Enterprise of U.S.NAVY.


Great little jet, I usually don't fly them but this one was fun.
Move the gauges from the unzipped gauge folder (take them out, don't put the folder in) into the main gauge folder, put the aircraft folder into the main aircraft folder and the gauges are there.
Good luck and let us know if you are having a problem.


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