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What am I doing wrong? out of the five of six times that I have tried ILS, only once have I even got my radio to pick up the frequency...

1.) I follow the map to my destination, check it has green feathers, and find it's ILS frequency.
2.) I put the frequency into NAV1, I know nav1 is working because if I put in a vor frequency it picks it up immediately
3.) Eventually I am cleared for approach ILS. My height is around 2000 feet as I enter the green feathers
All this is as I have read, but how come my radio isnt picking the frequency up? I double and triple check to make sure it is correct. I haven't touched the gps...
But nothing on radio.
I first thought this was a problem with the airport, but it has happened now at the airport where it once worked (I think that it is the same one)

Sorry If I am bothering people with my frequent posts about ILS. Im finding it very hard to get to work as you can see...

All help is greatly appreciated.

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You say that it is not picking the frequency up..

Your radio might not be set to audible. (not mandatory)
as long as the frequency is correct it should work.

1>Did you get the indicators on your instruments?
2>Did you try the approach button?

If you are using a 3rd party plane can you post screenies of the main pannel and radio stack?

This may enable us to help more..

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Do I need to have appr. hold on for my radio to get the freq?
I didnt get the indicators. I got the O, M, and I lights though

heres the aircraft:

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I'm not familiar with that aircraft but it looks as though you have the radios turned off. Look at the top of the radio stack. You should then hear the morse code identifier on approach. You can crosscheck this with the morse code pattern on the Map if you so wish.

If that doesn't work, try a different aircraft and see how you get on.

Don't worry - you aren't "bothering" anyone. It is clear you had a go first yourself which is what counts! 😉

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Looks like the King Air to me.
Turn the NAV audio switch on, dont forget to set the correct ILS runway
course heading.
It will work.

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this is def a very difficult technique to master. im having problems myself but im determined to make it happen.

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Yes, you must press the AP (autopilot) button and the APPR (approach) button for autopilot to fly the approach. And the NAV/GPS switch must be set to NAV; it looks like you have that correct in your screen shot.

And the Pilot Audio switch does NOT turn on or turn off the radio, it only sends the radio sound to the speaker so you can listen to the Morse code (or the voice, on COM radios). I don't think it's possible to actually turn off the radios in FS09 default aircraft.

If you have the ILS frequency set into the NAV1 radio, the autopilot will follow it, no matter how the Audio switch is set.


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pilatflyr First Officer

make sure that your display thing is also set to NAV instead of GPS

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john (biello) Trainee

wow! i had it i think i finally figured it out! i didnt get to finish though, as i was preparing to touchdown in my 737, i mean seconds before my first real landing my graphics card drivers overloaded ( for lack of a better term ) and shut down the screen and game on me. all it displays at that point is " no signal" in a little box on a black screen. i guess ill just lower some settings and have at it again tonite.

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There are a couple of misconceptions in the responses to the question. First, the Nav switches at the top of the radio stack only control which radio is audible on the speakers - they do not turn the NAV radios on or off. Second, you do not need to set the autopilot to fly the approach. Instrument approaches are flown quite regularly without the use of an autopilot.

In response to your screen shot of the cockpit, the Nav-1 radio is on and receiving. It is set to the ILS at SEA, it is aligned directly with the approach path, and the glide slope is slightly above the current altitude of the aircraft as it should be since you are on the ground at the end of the runway. You are 0.1 DME from the DME transmitter. All of this information can be seen by examining the HSI readouts.

With all that, the radio does not appear to be your problem. I would suggest going to the learning center and learn ILS step-by-step using a basic airplane such as the C-172. Once you have those skills mastered, then step up to more advanced aircraft and feathered approaches.

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I can see that I'm not needed here, I shall go forth and help others. Up, up and away! 🙂

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I didnt take the screenshot when the probelm was happening. I just put in in the default runway, just to show everyone what the plane was. It is a dehavilland twin otter, quite similar to the king air.


You have to have the Flight Director turned ON to fly an ILS approach.
It appears it's on on from the screen shot?

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pilatflyr First Officer

THEH FLIGHT DIRECTOR ISN'T ON. that thing that looks like it is simply the artificial horizon. why the card was overworked, i don't know

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By my guess you do not need to have the flight director on to fly an ILS approach...For an autopilot to fly an ILS approach you should be at proper altitude.You need to put in the ILS frequency,proper course and you should be on a heading to intercept the ILS ..That's all...and you should be at a approx10-15 nm from the airport....

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kinda what coolguys just said but maybe a bit easier for us newbies to understand: I find that the NAV ap button works when you are about 25ish nm away from the runway, but in order for the APP to work, especially vertically, you need to be within the green ILS feathers both horizontally and vertically. and you also need to be kinda going around 180 or so, so the ap can actually keep you in the glideslope. thats what I am getting used to now. land. land, and land, practice practice practice

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i wud suggest practising circuits on an ILS runway...

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