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Wise Guest

i just got fsX deluxe and when i go to "multiplayer" it says im not connected to the server or internet but ovisly i am because im on running a wireless interenet connection...any suggestions?

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reboot your router and pc, works for me when things are not working Smile

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Murfi First Officer

I have wireless, works fine.

RandomGuest Guest

Could be your wireless blocking you multiplayer connection.

Try using the 'DMZ' to allow connection to the computer you are using on your network. Wireless routers work different, so I can't give you direct intructions on how to this, but you should find it in your Wireless router settings.

VonKyrin Guest

If you are connecting to the internet to get to this forum from the same computer, you obviously have a good internet connection, as you mentioned.

So, I am guessing the problem is the Port not the IP address. Check that your firewall (routers often have built in firewalls) is not blocking the Port number (or numbers) that you need to use to connect with the Internet site.

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