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hi everyone,

I'm a newbie here. I'm going to be getting FSX Deluxe edition soon. I have FS2004. I'm also building a real airplane, a Vans RV-9A.

I have the RV-9A model for FS-2004, and did a repaint of it to see what my real plane will look like once it's done (see [url] [/url]). Unfortunately this model is a tip-up, and I may build a slider canopy. Also, there's no guarantee it will work in FSX.

I'm wondering what's involved in creating my own RV-9A model for FSX from scratch (I'd do it with a slider canopy, and maybe put in more details like all the rivets). Is this a huge undertaking requiring advanced programming abilities (I have intermediate level C++ skills). More improtantly, is there a good comprehensive "guide" out there for creating new aircraft from scratch? Or is this best left to the pros?



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Well Phil, Welcome to Flyaway, it's always good to have a new member. 🍻 The making of aircraft from scratch is a complex affair that's well above my computer expertise. There is a Software Designers Kit(SDK) somewhere in the disks of FSX. I don' have FSK so I can't be more specific. It involves programing and most people just download what they want from the Internet. If you do build a RV-9, I 'm sure many of us here would love to give it a try, let us know. 🙂

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SDK is on Disk 1. If you can't get the files to display because of auto detect being "on", use "my computer to bring up the file folders.

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