Florida Mega Scenery?

Would you be interested in purchasing MegaScenery style add-on for MSFS 2004?
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thecoach Trainee

I never seen any significantly detailed scenery available for Florida, yet this is a hotbed of pilot training and GA flying. The state has 130 public airportsand seaplane bases, more than 300 private airports , strip and fly-in communities, around 250 private heliports and helistops, 30+ privaye seaplane bases.

What makes this an interesting area are the endless short multi-leg cross country flights that keep a sim-pilot busy and challenging.

Major training facilities located in Florida capitalize on the classified sections of the glossy flying magazines-----you would think that companies like those producing MegaScenery would understand the tremendous market for this area from student or potential student pilots who need better detail.

Guess I'm putting out the marketing platform for product development, but I would like to know if anyone is working on it.

Getting anxious, but no time or skills to develop it on my own

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I voted no because I'm not one for scenery add-ons. They usually eat up the fps and I continually use different airports (countries) for my flights.
Scenery is big business, my friend has all the mesh, a few gig's of it and adds scenery occasionally.


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The Pacific Northwest is coming out in October from Megasenery and I would like to get it . But if someone made the Bahamas with Florida I would consider it getting it. Thailand is another I would like to get.

Dr.Nick Guest

I absolutely love add on secenry. I have purchased Abacus' Extreme Landscapes, and Real Scene 2004. I can't decide which one adds the best improvements they are both very good. I am a big fan of the West Colorado, Arizona and Utah bieng my fav's. Arizona's default scenery was sickening. The Grand Canyon looks like a ditch and Sedona's stunning Red Rock mountain formations were reduced to hills. I'll go check out Florida and let you know how they did.

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

As Seideric I am waiting for the Northwest. I would not mind to buy all the modules but for the first one I would like to have an area I know.To see what is the contribution and effect on the FPS (And on other adds-on)

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