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I sorry to post a new thread about this subject but I have been trying to do an ILS approach for weeks with no success. I have tried it in a 172, the barron 58, king air, and some jets too.

This is what I do. Say I'm at Raleigh Durham International. I take off. I don't touch auto pilot, it's completly off. I climb to about 3000 feet go out to about 10-20 miles. Ok, time to turn around. Let's say I took of from runway 26R, I don't know the real actual runway numbers off the top of my head. Ok, I look up the ILS frenguency for that runway and plug it into my Nav 1 radio. Now here's question 1, why are there 2 spots on my Nav 1 radio to put a frenguency in? Should you just leave that second standby frenquency alone? So, I have the frenquency dialed in, and I put my plane on a 260 degree course and heading. I make sure the nav/gps swith is on nav. Now I'm heading back and I'm at about 2000 feet and my H.S.I is moving around but if I fly towards the needle and get everything lined up I generally flying in the opposite direction of the runway Evil or Very Mad
What could I be doing wrong here? This seems like such a basic procedure and I just can't pull it off. I feel like giving up on FS. I have read stickies guide and many others over and over again and still can't pull this thing off.

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It's tough, because some of the ILS signals don't go out for that long. Make sure you're in range of capturing the localiser before activating your approach. The 2 spots on the NAV1 box represent the active and inactive frequencies. You are able to toggle between the two of them, but only one is active at any given time. Other than that, you're on the right track

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ILS should not be tough..I mean atleast getting a knack of it.
This is what i do..Let's say i take off from a runway and would want to land at it.So i take off and fly the runway heading for about 10 nm..Maintain an altitude of 3000 ft..Let's say the runway heading is 180 degrees.So when i want to turn back i should be on a heading of 0 degrees.After reaching for 10 nm i make a gentle right turn of about 10 degrees..So now i am flying a heading of 200 degrees.I fly this course for about 3 nm and then make a left turn to 0 degrees at about 10 degree bank.. By default the ILS frequency is already put in the Nav1 radio for the runway from where u took off.If not i go to Map and find the ILS frequency of that runway.I open the radio box.I dial in the frequency in the nav 1 radio and then press <-> button which lies between the active and standby frequency...The one on the left is the active and on the right is the standby..When u dial it goes in the standby frequency and then u need to press the <-> button to transfer it to active frequency.
While I am making the left turn back to head for a course of 0 degrees i watch for the needles to move...So if you are on the way to intercept the ILS the needles start to move.If after turning to the heading of 0 degrees i find that the needle doesn't move and is still to the left or right of the centre line then i start making gentle turn either to the left or to the right...depending on where the needle is...Hope this helps..By the way did u practise the lessons in the flight sim for ILS approaches...???

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