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Hello there, for the past two weeks I have been working on a very thorough tutorial on how to paint aircraft in FSX. I am still working on it at the moment, and I am about 1/5 of the way through completion, I expect the tutorial to be finished before December 23rd, although something may arise and if so, It will be done in January.

First off, I want to apologize for the what seems like an eon (for those of you who know), about the amount of time this is taking me, but like I said its very thorough and in-depth. My goal is to enable anyone who has the interest to paint aircraft, who is starting with ZERO knowledge of photoshop and/or painting aircraft. But, at the same time there are sections that I plan to have benefit the amateur painter. Basically, its for novice, amateur, and everyone in between. So far I have completed the "learning photoshop" bit of the tutorial, a semi short introduction to Photoshop and some tutorials to teach people basics of photoshop so that they have the skills for actually painting and using the program efficiently.

The reason I am posting "Calling All Good Aircraft Painters" is because I want this tutorial to be good, and I know that I do not know everything, I know enough to paint aircraft, and I know which .dds to edit to get an effective scheme. I originally planned to just discuss painting the necessary .dds, which will get you a result, although, Im sure there are some people out there who have more knowledge about painting aircraft, along with specular textures and some other various textures that I am not that familiar with. I am not sure if these files should be edited with your main to increase quality of the paintscheme, or if there is no editing required to those files. I wanted to include information about all of these files and how they work, so if you know any of this (and remember im talking about FSX, no other game) and are willing to give me a few minutes of your time just to get the low down, I would be very greatful, along with all the people who may benefit from this tutorial. And, of course I would be glad to credit you for your contributions.

This isn't a little .pdf or a few pages of computer talk gibberish, this is my best effort to make painting aircraft a possibility for everyone who is interested. It's all html pages with text, screenshots, and videos that I record throughout the processes. I've read some tutorials and some don't make any sense to me, and since FSX came out, I figured I would try to make one for people that are in the same situation that I was in when I first started out.

This is a new generation game and I think its time for a new generation tutorial, especially since .dds's were finally introduced to this game. I think a new generation tutorial needs more than my input, because there are multiple ways of doing things, and there are also some more aspects that I would like to include in the tutorial that I do not know enough about to explain efficiently.

Please, if your interested in helping, or just answering a few of my questions, please respond to this thread or email me at - I would be extremly greatful. Aside from just answering a few of my questions, if you like what you see here and want to help out long term, I am ok with that as well, it may even help speed up the process of getting this tutorial released. I could use a proofreader also, Tailhook has been kind enough to help proof each section of the tutorial as I complete it to ensure understandability and of course the grammar, although as you know, the more the merrier. By now your probably like wow this guy is retarded or wierd, but I want this tutorial to be the best it can be, and as understandable as it can be.

Thank you for reading this,

Tyler Miller
Graphic Designer

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doggiedoo86 Guest

hello whatr software or freeware do you us i wish to paint aircraft

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